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Picks of the week

Sorted With the Dyers
If you’ve ever wished you were a fly on the wall in the Dyer house, your dreams have just come true. Danny Dyer, professional player of hard men, and his daughter Dani, Love Island graduate, turn agony aunts for their new podcast. The quintessential sweary dad offers cheeky, straight-talking advice to the heartbroken, bereft and financially troubled, and his daughter’s not short of a word or two. It’s basically just the two of them talking a lot, in what is a series of bingeable and funny 20-minute episodes. Hannah Verdier

French and Saunders: Titting About
French and Saunders are uplifting company in this reunion podcast, which they describe as “two fat old women using strong language and adult content”. Even hearing them talk about organising their diaries or trying to blag double school dinners is a joy. And that’s before Saunders lustfully describes Idris Elba as “a glorious man”. The finale, when they imagine creating a parody of Fleabag and Killing Eve with Kathy Burke, should be a new show in itself. HV

Producer pick: The Brownprint

Diversity of thought ... broadcast journalist and Brownprint host Cari Champion.

Chosen by Esther Opoku-Gyeni

There’s nothing I love more in a podcast then that 3am confessional, conversational vibe, where you feel seen, understood and inspired. The Brownprint gives you all of that and more. It’s a simple premise – the format is a weekly interview between American broadcast journalist and television personality Cari Champion and individuals of colour who have achieved success in their respective careers, navigating trials and tribulations as marginalised people to reach their goals.

There are no over-the-top production values – it’s simply two people talking into a microphone – but what makes this stand out is the searing honesty of the conversations. It is hearing Bozoma Saint John – an exec at Netflix – the ways in which she feels she has failed in life. It’s the ‘aha’ moments of relatability, where she talks about the fear she felt in asking for more, of leaving previous places of employment where she didn’t feel valued, of navigating predominately white corporate spaces while staying true to her identity – and the loneliness of that journey.

It’s a reminder that you don’t always need climactic music and soundscapes to convey a narrative. Sometimes, the simplicity of two people talking honestly and being vulnerable is powerful enough.

Talking points

  • All change at two big US podcasts this month. The team behind hit internet culture show Reply All has announced a new co-host to join longtime comperes PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. The first episode hosted by Emmanuel Dzotsi in his capacity as a regular presenter is all about a phone sex line that ended up in some very unexpected places. Elsewhere, the reliably tear-jerking, celeb-filled smash that is the New York Times’s Modern Love returns with Daniel Jones and Miya Lee at the helm. It’s not the only change: voice actors will now be voicing its real-life tales, in lieu of famous faces. Listen to the premiere, Driveway Elegies, here.

  • Why not try: The Fault Line – Bush, Blair and Iraq | Goodbye To All This | Children of the Stones

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